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We have tested the first phone of the new Redmi brand, which has been created by Xiaomi (in a similar way to what happens with Honor with Huawei). The case, is that the middle range is the main objective of this model and, the truth is that it has some interesting details that are important and even differentials in the Redmi Note 7. We count the impressions and opinions that we have left when using it .

There are no big surprises in what has to do with the software, since the Redmi Note 7 makes use of what the Xiaomi models usually offer. That is, it comes with MIUI 10 over Android Pie (it would not have been a bad idea to use Android One to, in this way, add a notable difference). The case is that the operation of the operating system is as expected, and it does not lack the large number of options that are included in an additional way and that make this development more intrusive than current ones such as Samsung's One UI. Well, in the small amount of resources used , the truth is that here there are very few new features to highlight.

Without further ado, we will comment on the different sections that we usually review in MovilZona and that allow us to know what can be expected from this Redmi Note 7 that, above all, is a model with few fissures.

Analysis Of The Xiaomi Redmi Note 7 In Depth Test Characteristics And Opinion

It is much more worked than you could expect in a terminal that is around 200 euros. We say this because metal and glass are the chosen manufacturing materials, including the latter Gorilla Glass 5 protection element thicker than usual (0.8 mm) to have no problem on a day-to-day basis (and we give faith that is achieved). By the way, very striking the gradient of the color that is seen in the back, which changes hue as light falls and that increases the attractiveness of the Redmi Note 7.

It is striking that the front glass is as perched above the casing, so you can see its sides. This is something little seen, and allows it to be different from what is usually seen in the mid-range of Xiaomi (which, in addition, is quite repetitive as far as design is concerned). This does not diminish durability and good finish, which is accompanied by a quality that is remarkable in the cuts and elements included, such as the volume and ignition control buttons on the right side. In what has to do with ergonomics, that despite being a very smooth phone -something that may not be to everyone's taste-, contrary to what you can think, it does not drain excessively in your hand and this is a very positive surprise. Therefore, we talk about agood security when handling it . Of course, the traces remain marked, but it is common in models finished in glass.

There is no missing LED information to the Redmi Note 7, which is in the lower part of the front (smaller than desirable as it is included), and in the review of what is on the edges, it must be said that in the upper part it is the infrared emitter; the headphone jack ; and microphone for noise cancellation. In the bottom you will find a speaker, with a correct sound but somewhat less powerful than expected (although well defined bass, something that is not very common in the mid-range) and USB port type C. Note that the fingerprint reader is In the back, which also highlights the camera's dual sensor that stands out a bit but does not cause the Redmi Note 7 to dance excessively on flat surfaces, and the use is suitable both in reliability and speed. And this is logical since we are facing a mature technology (the terminal does not lack facial recognition, but it is not the most precise we have seen, especially in low light).

Something heavy, since it reaches 186 grams , the design of the Redmi Note 7 is more than remarkable for a terminal of its price and offers striking details such as the color gradient or its good finish. The truth is that this is one of the most differential details of this model.

To say that a current telephone has a large screen is something that is no longer news. The Redmi Note 7 integrates an IPS type of 6.3 inches , so in dimensions it has nothing to envy other models of its market segment. With a pixel density of 409 ppi due to the Full HD + resolution it offers (and ratio of 19.5: 9), the definition of reading texts and watching movies or game graphics has seemed quite remarkable.

The brightness offered by the panel of the Redmi Note 7 is quite powerful , which has left us with a good visual experience outdoors but the ideal is to "play" with the contrast a bit (exceeding 400 nits is something that is achieved without the minimum problem). The representation of the colors is reliable, but there is a certain tendency to warm that luckily can be corrected by software. It does not lack notch to the terminal, which is a type of drop of water and with adequate dimensions -by the way, around this we detect certain adjustment problems in the contours and, even, some light leaks).

In what has to do with the frontal use, it must be said that the Redmi Note 7 is correct since it exceeds 80% for what is an All Screen terminal . The side frames are well achieved, but the bottom is somewhat more prominent than expected (without being an excess what is seen). With good resistance and a tactile response that is excellent, the truth is that the terminal screen perfectly meets what you can expect from an average range and, even, is a bit above what is usual and therefore consumption of multimedia content is positive.

As it is already becoming usual in Xiaomi, with some exceptions, the processor chosen for this model that arrives in the Redmi Note 7 is a Snapdragon 660 . This SoC of eight cores and GPU Adreno 512 works at a maximum frequency of 2.2 GHz in its "core" Kryo 260 and, the truth is that for all kinds of tasks behaves in an appropriate way, without being spectacular that yes . The RAM is 4 GB , which is quite good and allows a remarkable performance even in multitasking, with performance figures that are much better in reading, as is the norm in mid-range smartphones. All in all, this is a device without many weaknesses.

In what has to do with the experience of use, we must say that Redmi Note 7 has convinced us in general terms. We have not found just «lag» (except with some games where the graphics are choked in three dimensions, as for example in PUBG or Asphalt, but we have convinced the temperature control). The fact is that for a normal use and with certain requirements, this terminal perfectly fulfills.

The storage of the model we have tested is 64 GB, and in its performance we have found readings that are expected in a mid-range terminal and, really, for the price that has this model that stands at 179 euros, It must be said that they are more than positive. Good detail the possibility of extending this section, with a comfort that is the usual in current smartphones.

The connectivity is adequate, with options such as Bluetooth 5.0 , which works really well even when synchronized with the radios of cars, and there is also a lack of Dual Band WiFi. This is positive having the possibility to use 5 GHz connections , and in the stability and speed of work we have to say that we have not found particularly noticeable drops (maintaining 150 Mbps ratios without problems). Well in coverage, by the way, but there is something that we did not like anything: it does not include NFC , so nothing to make mobile payments.

In short, as a mid-range terminal this Redmi Note 7 perfectly meets what is expected of him, but if we look at the price of the device, the truth is that the price / performance ratio is very good . And, this can be a very important factor when choosing it.

One of the most remarkable features of the Redmi Note 7 is that it includes a battery with an amperage of 4,000 mAh . This makes it a qualitative leap against the competition and get to the level of what many high end terminals offer today. The truth is that the autonomy is going quite well, with more than a day and a half of usual use ... but we expected a little more since the Snapdragon 660 processor is not especially "grumpy" - and, in addition, the software does not cause problems here- . And this we say because the sessions with the screen on constantly were not as long as we expected, with marks of ten hours on average(with some brands of only eight when the brightness increases almost to the maximum). Therefore, the panel must be better balanced, and this by software is possible to achieve it.

Anyway, it must be said that the terminal exceeds, and there will be no disappointment in terms of autonomy in general terms. Fast charging, compatible with Quick Charge 4 is excellent, with times of less than 30 minutes to get almost 60% filling (and with great temperature control, all must be said). Obviously, nothing wireless what is completely logical for its price.

As is already the norm in mid-range models that want to have options in the market, the Redmi Note 7 comes with two sensors in its main chamber. The combination is 48 + 5 megapixels (with apertures of F: 1.8 and F: 2.4 respectively), using the second to acquire more information in the shots (especially with the portraits). It is not a very surprising element, but the truth is that it allows you to be well equipped in what has to do with hardware. The camera for selfies, by the way, is 13 MPx (F: 2.2), so it is correct.

The quality of the shots is good in good light conditions, with a light management that is not bad and that, in addition, does not clash much in the dynamic range . The white balance weakens a little (especially with artificial light), but in general you get good photos with the Redmi Note 7. One thing to note is that the focus is pretty fast ... if you leave the default setting that is to use resolution of 12 Mpx, since if forces to 48 megapíxel, the things change of remarkable form without that there is an especially good improvement in definition and management of the colors (yes, the dimensions of the resulting image are exponentially bigger) .

In the low-light shots, we found some problems with artificial light (again), and the results are lower quality in what has to do with the definition and management of color that clearly tends to yellow in our opinion. Well the flash, which is very helpful, these are examples of what it is possible to achieve with the Redmi Note 7 at night :

It is necessary to comment that the portraits have liked us a lot , since the profile that is made is quite good even in complicated conditions, and this is something that should be highlighted in a mid-range model. Apart, we must not forget that the photograph of Redmi Note 7 comes with the help of Artificial Intelligence that is correct but tends to saturate the colors (excellent to be able to manage its use directly in the application which, by the way, is the usual Xiaomi and for that reason we liked it since it is complete and full of gestures).

Finally, we must talk about the video recording, which reaches qualities such as 1080p at 120 fps. In general the obtained quality is correct with a quite fast autofocus (PDAF is noted here), but the lack of optical stabilization is noticeable, since the integrated type gyro-EIS does not allow to achieve high levels. Of course, meets the quality for a mid-range.

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