How to unlock LG K4 | Sim Unlock LG K4

Unlock LG K4 by unlock code:

Getting LG K4 unlocked has become very easy now. You just have to complete some steps and you'll have unlocked LG K4 in your hand.
Those steps are as follows:
Go to the link given above.
Select the network you currently have on your phone (such as at&t, cricket, tmobile, metropcs, etc). For example if you bought your LG K4 from at&t and your phone is locked to at&t network then select at&t from drop down menu.
Then fill the form with IMEI of your phone (which you can check by dialing *#06# or you can see it from the packaging box)
After filling IMEI, write your email address and name, then comes a very important step, review every thing you've written to eliminate any mistakes.
After some time, we'll send you email with unlock code, then just turn off your phone, insert a non-accepted sim card, turn your phone on, "Sim network unlock pin" menu will appear. just enter the unlock code and your phone will be unlocked.

If your phone is from T-mobile or MetroPCS than the steps are little bit different. T-mobile and MetroPCS are unlocked by unlock app, so after you purchase our service, we'll send you an email confirming that your phone is now unlocked from T-mobile database, than you'll have to go into apps and open unlock app, then select permanent unlock and after processing is done your phone will be unlocked.
When your phone is unlocked you can select more suitable packages according to your need and budget, now you can choose to pay less when you want to and avoid paying roaming charges when you go outside the country.

Now you can get better money for your phone whenever you wanna sale your phone because unlocked phone has more functionality and you can use any sim in unlocked phone.
We can unlock LG K4 from USA (like at&t, cricket, tmobile, metropcs, etc), Canada (bell, rogers, telus, fido, koodoo, sasktel, videotron, freedom, mts, virgin mobile, etc), and other locations in the world.

You are not going to get LG K4 for free but you'll get it pretty cheap from


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