HOW TO UNLOCK LG Q6 - Unlock Your Phone Fast, Safe and Secure!

This is a video tutorial about how to unlock your LG Q6.

The unlocking process is a simple 3 steps process and you don't need any technical skills for that. Once your LG X5 will be unlocked you will be able to use it with any other network provider in your country or around the world.

In order to find out if your phone is SIM locked all you have to do is to insert another carrier SIM into your LG Q6 (other than the network you originally bought your phone from) and check the message your phone reads. If the message your phone displays is „SIM network unlock pin"or „Enter subsidy/ unlock code" or any other similar message that indicates that your phone is SIM locked, than you need an unlocking code in order to be able to use that other SIM. offers you unlocking codes in order to unlock your LG Q6 Handset. All you have to do to receive the unlocking code is to:
- Send us the IMEI of your LG Q6 and your email address. You can find the IMEI by dialing *#06# on your phone or by checking the sticker underneath the battery.
- Send us payment through our secure payment methods that include: PayPal and credit card.

You will receive the unlocking code on your email. Here is what you have to do next to unlock your LG Q6 Handset:

1. Insert a non-accepted SIM into your phone.
2. Wait for your phone read the unlocking message „Enter Special Code"
3. Enter the unlock code you received from

That's all you have to do to unlock your LG Q6.
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