Sony Xperia M2 Hard Reset Code

These simple method help you to Hard Reset Sony M2 android mobile with format code.

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Sony Xperia Hard Reset Code:

Hard reset will erase all data from your Sony xperia M2 android mobile. So before reset backup all your data. It is very hard to reset password without data lose.

You will not recover your files after hard reset.

Why we need to factory reset our mobile.
Maybe your phone is overloaded with apps and running slow
you've downloaded a recent update and it's causing problems with your phone's functionality
maybe you want to reset to the factory settings because you're selling your phone.

This format code will erase all your device data.
Just dial *#*#7378423#*#*
Then select customization settings.
after that click on reset customization.
then click on reset customization and reboot.
Your device will be reset to its factory state in a few minutes.
you will have to go through the initial start up again.

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