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Fix iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo Screen after iOS 11 Update:

Fix iOS Stuck on Verifying Update on iPhone iPad:

Have you ever face the situation that your iPhone iPad stuck on the Apple logo screen issue and not responding? While updating iOS 8/9/9.3/10/10.3 to iOS 11, iPhone may stuck on Apple logo, “Verifying Update” screen, or recovery mode and can’t boot up completely.

When you upgrade your iPhone 7(Plus), iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5S, iPhone 5 or iPad to latest iOS 11, as long as the method of operation is incorrect or there is a problem within your system, the iOS device will always be stuck on Apple logo or recovery mode. Besides iOS 11/10.3/10/9.3 update, if you jailbreak your iPhone, download iOS 11/10.3 to iOS 10/9.3.5/9.3/9 or have a regular restore with iTunes, or reset iPhone/iPad to factory settings, you may suddenly find the Apple logo stuck with the iPhone screen.

iOS System Recovery, which is designed for fixing iPhone stuck in Apple logo after iOS 11 update, can also repair other kinds of iOS system issues on iPhone iPad with 1 click, for example, iPhone stuck at restarting loop, white/black screen of death, iTunes connected screen or recovery mode. And there is no data loss.

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How to check iphone imei for iCloud on off blacklist or clean

Must Watch Before Buying A USED iPhone Or iPad Hardware Verification Report Health Checkup

ReiBoot Download Link: or

In this Video I ll show You How to enter In Recovery mode of any iphone ,ipad or ipod without home or power button with your can easily enter in recovery mode with reiboot software but if you want to exit recovery mode you must buy this software.Do it on your risk.hope it will work for you.thank you

How To Fix Iphone Disabled Forget Passcode Without iTunes New Easy Method 2017

Apple ipad Disabled,Forgot Passcode,Hang on Logo Fix 2018

Restore Apple ipad Without itunes using 3UTools Easy 2017

How to Fix Disabled iPhone Without ITunes - I forget my iPhone passcode New Trick 100% Tested
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Apple iPhone 5S (16GB) is one of the best series of Apple.

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That has got Stylish finish, sleek glass and metal casing. It is very lighter and thinner with advanced features than its substitute, I-Phone 4S. It comes with 4 inches of display with 640 x 1136 screen resolution and 112 g weight. You can carry it anywhere without having any weight issue.

Apple iPhone 5S mobile has 8MP Camera with Dual LED flash so that you can have Expansive lighting and Greater illumination and CONTROL contrast ratio and darkness of shadow. On the other hand secondary camera is of 1.2 MP. Other feature of camera includes Auto focus, Face detection and full HD Recording with will give you a better viewing experience.

Talking about its software features like it runs iOS 7 Operating System(Upgradable upto iOS 9.3.1), which enables you to download many different application at the same time without facing any hanging issue. It contains A7 chip processor which has 64-bit architecture so that you can get quick response while running many apps together. Price of Apple iPhone 5S (16GB) in India is around 20K.

You can buy Apple iPhone 5S online has internal memory of 16 GB so you can save hundreds of documents, images, videos without worrying about space crunch but it doesn't support memory card. Coming to its battery backup it has Li on you can talk for 10 hours with 3G and stand by capacity is 250 hours using 2G. But you cannot remove your battery, so there is no option to use another battery and you can’t even take your battery out if your phone get freeze. It has all the specifications which makes it better such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 2G and 3G networks, GPS, USB connectivity, Browser, compass etc.



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QUICKLY iCloud Lock Remove in 3 Minutes Without APPLE ID And DNS Bypass Success.August 2018



Iphone Icloud Activation Lock Forget 100% Unlock.January 2018

One Click Remove Icloud Activation Lock Only In 2 Minutes.February 2018

How To Kill Mosquito And Housefly Naturaly.It's Amazing

How To Remove Icloud Lock 100% FREE And Proof.Jan 2018

Iphone Icloud Unlock Done With Software Box It's Real.Jan 2018

Any iPhone iCloud Remove Apple Service Center Support Fix.Jan 2018

How To Remove/Bypass Icloud Any iphone New Method.Jan 2018

Unlock Any Iphone/Ipad Icloud Lock Only In 2 Minutes.Jan 2018
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Update I.O.S 11.2.2 iPhone iCloud Unlocking Way.Jan 2018
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how to Unlock Any Iphone Icloud ActivationLock ! Any I.O.S. January2018
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Remove,Delete,Bypass And Unlock Any iPhone Icloud (IOS).2018
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USA at&t Operator iCloud Activation Lock Remove. December 2017
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Full Tutorial How To Remove iPhone iCloud Activation Lock.December 2017
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How To Remove iPhone LOSTSTOLENiCloud Lock.December 2017
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How To RemoveDeleteSim Not Supporting Problem Solve.December 2017
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Update Tips iPhoneiPAD iCLOUD Activation Lock REMOVE.December 17
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USA at&t Operator iCloud Activation Lock Remove. December 2017
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Any New Update Support
I.O.S 11.4.1
I.O.S 11.2.5
I.O.S 11.2.2
I.O.S 11.2
I.O.S 11.1.2
I.O.S 9.3.5

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Visit my Blog for more Apple Tips & Tricks. Including that pesky "How do I create the Tones folder" question that everyone's wondering about.

Apple Tips and Tricks Blog:

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I performed this task (in the video) on an iPhone 5, running iOS 6.0.2

1. Go to "Settings"
2. "General"
3. (Scroll to bottom) Choose "Reset"
4. (Third option down) "Reset Network Settings"
5. Press red confirmation button
6. Wait for phone to go through it's reset cycle. (Usually about 2 minutes or so)

Note: You WILL have to re-sign into any Wifi networks (with your password) once you finish the reset. So make sure you have all of this information available before resetting.

Good question. Each time I've stopped by my carrier's store to inquire about a network issue I have either had or am currently having, without fail, no matter which store I go in to, the very FIRST thing that the person does is to "Reset the Network Settings" on my phone. I've been to four different stores as a first step to remedy a couple difference situations, regarding connectivity. And, without fail, the procedure, that I show you in this video, is the first thing that each and everyone of the stores performs on my phone. Sometimes it fixes my problem and sometimes it doesn't. But if I had done this myself, I would have fixed the problem and still be sitting on my couch eating ice cream and watching Dr. Who. Not traipsing all over town for a simple fix.

So my feeling is this. If you've seen them do this same thing to your phone, then you'll know what I'm talking about. Why not save yourself the trip and just do this step of your troubleshooting yourself without having to make a time-consuming trip to your Cell Provider's store. A trip that, more times than not, ends in you calling tech support anyway because the people in the store haven't the slightest bit of technical knowledge. They are only there to sell (no pun intended) (Get it? 'Cell' 'Sell' ?).

Good luck and happy iPhoning.

If you have questions or comments, please feel free to leave them in the comments below. I may or may not be able to help. But I'll do my best. If I can't answer it, maybe a fellow poster can shed some light.

I had the chance to use this on the spot at the store the other day. No signal on my phone by full bars on my wife's phone. So I reset the network settings. And I got my signal back. I was able to surf the web again.


Apple iPhone 4 16GB Hard Reset. You can easily unlock your iOS mobile phone for free. You do not need any software knowledge. Here we are also provide password recovery with iOS tools & drivers and With your Google account etc. Please note that Hard reset delete all your data from your mobile. You will not recover your data like apps, contacts and Files etc.

Follow Below Link to get More Methods :

Apple iPhone 4 16GB Hard Reset :

* First, You should to Plug your Apple mobile into your PC, or
* Power off your Mobile device.
* Next, hold the Power button for about 3 seconds.
* The, press and hold Mobile Home button with Power button for
about 10 seconds.
* After that release only Power button.
* Release Home button, when you are alerted by Apple iTunes
saying that it has detected a mobile device in Recovery Mode.
* Finally, Confirm this, and wait until iTunes will restore your
mobile phone handset.

Apple iPhone 4 16GB Hard Reset With iTunes :

* First, Connect your iPhone to the computer Via USB
* Then, Download and Install Apple iTunes.
* Now, open iTunes.
* Now choose your iPhone from the left menu in iTunes.
* Next, click the Restore button in iTunes on the right side.
* You can also back up your files, just if you want.
* After that please confirm information about this procedure -
click Restore.
* Then, you will see, that iTunes will download, prepare and
restore the software on your Apple mobile.
* In the end choose “Set up as a new iPhone”.
* Enter a name for your Mobile phone.
* Well done. Restore process done on your mobile.

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source - Das iPhone ist eigentlich ein zuverlässiges Telefon. Abstürze gibt es kaum. Und doch kann es passieren, dass das iPhone oder eine Applikation hängen bleibt, eingefroren ist und nicht mehr reagiert. Die gute Nachricht: Da das iPhone eigentlich ein kleiner Computer ist, lässt sich das Telefon auch resetten. Wir zeigen, wie's geht.


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iPhone Disabled / Forgot Passcode iPhone Fix - Hard Reset for iPhone 6/5s/5c/5/4s/4/3gs/iPad or iPod

Download iTunes:

iPhone Disabled Solution for those of you who Forgot the Passcode. This will work for iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 5s, iPhone 5, iPad Air, iPad, and any iPod Touch.

This is an educational video if your iPhone is Disabled and you need to bypass the passcode of your own iPhone. This will Reset Iphone in case you have a Password locked Iphone. Let me know if it helped you Unlock the Passcode of your iPhone.


Visit our website:

IOS Hacktivate Tool is intended for those of you who purchased an iCloud locked iPhone 5,5C,5S,4,4S and are stuck with the activation process. Also will turn off and remove the current iCloud account. IOS Hacktivate Tool is 100% working in any iOS up to 7, works in lost and erased modes.

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Hey guys, in this video i will teach you how to remove a restrictions passcode without a computer, its simple and easy to do and doesnt require much effort
To begin open settings
click on your name on top
tap icloud
scroll down to find my iphone and make sure both options are toggled on

next naviage to the find my iphone app
enter apple id
click on device you wish to delete
locate erase iphone
and thats it!!

hope you enjoy remember to leave comment requests smash that like nutton and subscribe

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source - 0115 972
1120 Serving Nottingham Derby and
Leicester with parts and repair for iPhone, iPod, pc
and mac of all kinds.

This is showing how we fixed error 21 in this iPhone that was sent to us.

This movie is for showing an example of what The
Computer Room Nottingham can do for any
issues you may have with computers, iphones and ipods.
It was made by Leon Stacey and is no
way a guide of how repairs can be performed by anyone
else and to that end, The Computer Room Nottingham
and Leon Stacey cannot be held responsible for
anything that happens from you undertaking repairs
yourself of any nature. Terms and Conditions of using our
services are at

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How to Hard Reset - Restore your iphone 7 / 7 plus iOS10 with iTunes Recovery mode
iPhone 7: how to Force Restart, enter Recovery, and DFU mode
How To: iPhone 7/7 Plus DFU Recovery Mode and Hard Reset
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Hard Reset - iPhone 7 / 7 Plus (Disabled / Forgot Password)
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How to hard reset your iPhone 7
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How to Restore Data from iCloud Backup | iPhone TipsHow to Factory Reset / Hard Reset iPhone 7 & 7 plus to Original Factory Settings

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